Types of orders

When trading CFDs, you can place any order.

Market hours

CFD trading takes place during the opening hours of the exchange, set for each individual instrument.


CFD spreads are set depending on the specific instrument. Spreads are a dynamic concept and can vary depending on market conditions.

Currency conversion

Refers to instruments that are not quoted in us dollars: their profit, loss (profit/loss(P/L)) and PIP value will be converted to us dollars immediately. For example, a profit of 20.0 points obtained when trading 100 lots DAX 30 will be immediately transferred to us dollars in accordance with this rate of EUR/USD.

The difference in the interest rate

This is the difference between the defining instrument and the currency in which it is denominated.

The financial costs of Quantum Investing Capital Group range from 0.50% for currency pairs and 2.5% for CFD contracts.

The position size is determined by the number of lots, e.g. 10 barrels = 1 lot of crude oil. Each contract has a base value, which is determined by Quantum Investing Capital Group. If the CFD is valued in a currency other than USD, the dollar exchange rate set by Quantum Investing Capital Group is used.

The cost of moving a position for a particular instrument can be seen in the Tools window of the trading platform.

The cost of transfer varies depending on the type of position (long or short). All transfer fees will be calculated per lot and the final debit or credit of your account for all open lots will be transferred to the same positions.

expiry date of the specified instrument< / h2>

depending on the circumstances, the CFD instrument has an expiry date. In any case, You should be aware that trading on a CFD contract must be completed before the expiry of the instrument. As an alternative, CFDs move to certain futures prices during the last weekend (before the official expiry). This is called postponement. If there is a significant difference in the price between the two futures, it will be credited or debited from your account as a valid action to which the amount of the open position under the contract expires.

this difference in your account will be displayed as a "carry-over Charge" and the total value of your equity will not be affected in any way until positions are closed. But you have to be careful and make sure to move the two futures prices in time. Otherwise, the difference will be removed from your account, as the entry order will set market prices, not pre-agreed ones. If you do not wish to be subject to the recovery of this difference or other similar effects of the contract transfer, you must close the positions or cancel the orders before the position transfer period and then reopen the new position.

validity of CFDs in utip platform< / h2>

the futures contracts on which the CFD is based have an expiry date and clients can close their positions before the expiry of its expiry date. Positions that will not be closed by the client before the expiry date will be closed by Quantum Investing Capital Group at the current price. 3-5 days prior to the expiry of the current CFD, a similar CFD based on the next futures contract will be opened. During this period, new positions on obsolete CFDs cannot be opened.

Margin< / h2>

Margin requirements< / h4>

all CFD positions contain a margin requirement of 2% to 5%, depending on the type of contract. You will be required to hold funds in your account as collateral for the amount of each CFD transaction.

the Margin requirement must be maintained at all times in order to keep your positions open. It is necessary that the equity in your account does not fall below the margin requirement, otherwise additional funds must be added.

the Requirement to Deposit margin

Clients are advised to open the trading platform regularly to monitor the balance of the account in the platform. Compliance can also alert customers by phone and / or email that they are approaching automatic liquidation of trades. The client should independently control the need to transfer additional funds to the account or reduce the number of positions, or close them all.

Customers should understand that once the margin level drops below 20%, all positions on the platform will be liquidated. This will happen without prior agreement with the client. Closing positions will be at the most reasonable prices for you, which will be available at this time for Quantum Investing Capital Group.

Customers are responsible for placing their own stop loss orders to reduce losses.

in addition, Quantum Investing Capital Group may from time to time contact the client by any means with a request for additional guarantees in the form of collateral to secure the client's obligation to Quantum Investing Capital Group. Any requirement for additional margin shall not be construed as precedent for any subsequent requirements, either for waiver Investing Quantum Capital Group to liquidate positions.

depending on the market situation, Quantum Investing Capital Group automatically determines the most profitable order execution model for the client. When choosing a model, many comprehensive factors are taken into account, which allows the client to conduct a comfortable trade in any mode: both when trading on long-term positions and when "scalping".

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